Netdata 1.45.x - Lookup percentage problem

after upgrading Netdata from 1.44.1 to 1.45.2 I have the problem, that my custom alerts seems to be broken and fails.

For example I have an alert which check the web service is up with following lookup:
template: httpcheck_web_service_up
on: httpcheck.status
class: Utilization
type: Web Server
component: HTTP endpoint
lookup: average -5m unaligned percentage of success
crit: $this < 75
every: 15s
units: up/down
info: average ratio of successful HTTP requests over the last 5 minutes (at least 75%)

On Version 1.44.1, it has works fine, but on 1.45.x not anymore. If i look in the UI for the Alert configuration, the percentage options disapeared in the DB Lookup section

Is this a bug or do I missing something. Thanks for your help.

Hi, @michael.pichler. That is a bug, thanks for reporting it. It is fixed in 17391. We will do a patch release - v1.45.3