Lack of EL7 packages for netdata < 1.40?

Our organization had pinned to 1.39.1 while we waited to fully understand all the changes in 1.40 and later. It seems like recently the rpms for 1.39.1 are no longer available on packagecloud or Does anyone know if there’s a policy change behind dropping these rpms?

Hello @relaytheurgency,

I am sorry that you bumped into this issue without any notice in advance, we have a policy of keeping the latest 5 minor releases (for the stable channel) in our repos to avoid wasting resources, I will update the corresponding section in our docs to match this. If I may, what’s your major blocker to update to the latest stable Agent? Feel free to ping me if you need any help.

  1. Defaulting to v2 dashboard is confusing for us/our consumers and is slower to use due to deep familiarity with the v1 dashboard.
  2. No ability to override the default dashboard to v1.
  3. There seem to have been some changes around netdata web and its socket file that I haven’t had time to look into, but our nginx configuration broke when 1.40 was released.
  4. Complete inability to disable cloud related features from v2 dashboard. Having our users all see “Sign In”, etc when they access netdata isn’t desirable as we have no desire to create cloud accounts or use cloud features.

That is probably a bug, this should be removed/hidden if Cloud is disabled

# cat /opt/netdata/var/lib/netdata/cloud.d/cloud.conf
  enabled = n0

@ilyam8 it’s definitely possible it was a bug that is now fixed. We haven’t had time to prioritize netdata’s new features since 1.40 was released, so anything I listed in my prior comment is based on whatever bugs may have existed then and could now be fixed. We are slotting time to look at the new features next sprint so hopefully we’ll be able to get up to current and stay there.

No, you are right, there is Sign In button with disabled cloud - I had checked before commenting.