Apache Plugin not showing up ?

I went through the steps to configure the Apache plugin. I did the debug step and the plugin was doing this:
ERR apache/apache.go:85 ‘http://[::1]:80/server-status?auto’ returned HTTP status code: 403 collector=apache job=local
which makes no sense with the config explicitly using Whatever, I added ::1 to the mod_status.conf and restarted apache and now it all works and the debug shows lots of data.

But on netdata itself, I see no Apache? I mean, it shows up in CPU/memory etc, but there’s no specific “apache” module or anything. So, what am I missing?

Nvmd. I do not recall seeing anywhere in the netdata docs that I needed to restart the netdata service.
sudo systemctl restart netdata

@jeromio, hey.

  • http://[::1]:80/server-status?auto was the job created automatically.Netdata discovers applications running on the host system and automatically creates data collection jobs.
  • You must restart Netdata if you create data collection jobs using configuration files.
  • If you are using Netdata Cloud - you can create data collection jobs via UI and restart is not needed in this case.