Apache2 collector results gone

After recent auto-update
(silly me: I should disable auto-update on production environment. Because I rely on some of those collectors data in external application. And such issue just causes paranoia that something might break at some worst possible time in life :smiley: )

Netdata Agent:

With this Netdata Agent I don’t see apache2 anymore in menu. Everything else works quite same.

I used to see it here:

Example node id: f6143f85-dc4b-4dda-88a8-c229abf66693

As always thank you for taking a look.

locked to --install-version 1.44.3 and no more issues (therefore locking all nodes in such version with no auto updates)

Hi @ben ,

Apache2 collector results gone

You mean all the results from the go.d.plugin for module apcache? Apache | Learn Netdata

Ty for always getting back to me :innocent:
Yes attaching screenshot. Such items are not visible on newest version.
And in pastebin log it’s reporting strange output about docker containers when I run debug for apache.

No worries, hadn’t seen the pastebin but taking a quick look (with the basic knowledge I have) couldn’t find anything that would point to an issue.

Could perhaps open a bug report for this?

I think the issue is fixed in the latest master. @ben can you show the output of

cd /usr/libexec/netdata/plugins.d
sudo ./local-listeners | grep apache