why doesn't this alert work?

I defined this alert, and I don’t see it in the Alert Configurations list, and it never errors:

template: runloop_errors
 class: Errors
 component: Runloop
 crit: $this > 10
 hosts: *
 info: ${label:_collect_job} runloop errors in the last day
 lookup: max -1d every 20m unaligned of prometeus.strato.stratokit_runloop_last_errors
 on: prometheus.strato                                                                                                  
 to: sysadmin
 type: Agent 
 units: errors
 warn: $this > 1

There are no errors in the netdata logs either.

What am I doing wrong?

I changed on to prometheus.strato.stratokit_runloop_last_errors and now it does show up in the logs as being CLEAR.