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A lot of old Alerts without any Value

Hi there,

for us the Alert Overview of the cloud interface is filled with alters that happened a long time ago and don’t report any data. Is this intentional?


hey @Slind14,

Thanks for reporting this. I believe that this is a bug, as there are a couple of GH issues that seem relevant but I will ping the Netdata CLoud team to verify and share the appropriate bug issue so you can track the progress (if it is indeed a bug).

Welcome back to the family :slight_smile:


Hey @Slind14, thanks for reaching out to us.

This is related to a known issue Incorrect active alarms in Cloud · Issue #4 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub. We are working on a solution, you can follow the issue on github for updates.

A workaround for now to cleanup the old/stale alarms is to restart your agent.

@Leonidas_Vrachnis well I’m experiencing this issue for a few months now and also had commented on the GitHub issue. Problem being, your suggested workaround doesn’t help unfortunately. Restarting the agent still keeps the alerts visible in the cloud, but they disappear from the API if I e.g. call them with curl http://pcweb1:19999/api/v1/alarms

This has been ongoing for us for many months as well.

This doesn’t seem to work.
Old alerts are even persisting re-installation of the agent.