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Is there a way to upload logging alarms to NetData Cloud?

I don’t seem to have any logging/alarms on NetData Cloud. Is there a way to upload or set how much logging is kept in the cloud, or am I missing it? This is handy, so when looking on cloud, you know when things happened on what servers… esp if more than one system was being affected at a specific timeframe.


do you mean this alarm log?

I believe you should be able to see the equivalent of the active alarms in the alert smartboard in cloud:

I’m not sure if the full alarm log of the underlying agent is surfaced anywhere in cloud - @Manos_Saratsis do you know if something like this might be on the roadmap or be possible?

@johnstonf one solution that might help could be to enable the alarms collector that way you would then have a time series graph of alarm status over time that would be on the nodes and be visible in cloud and might actually maybe be an easier way to visualise your alarm status over time.

The idea being you can quickly see over time how alarm status are changing:

I do know the product team have a lot of stuff in the pipeline for cloud to add some cool features that should be even better but just suggesting this in case might be of use now.


Yes, that’s the alarm log I’m referring to.

The ActiveAlarms in cloud are “very” short lived, as from what I’ve seen.

The alarms collector log looks helpful, but near as helpful as an alarm log history (on Cloud).

If data is constantly being taken from the local servers, it would be great to pull the alarm logs from them also (even if only, say 500 lines).