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Netdata Agent vs Cloud alarm notifications

Both the Netdata Agent and Netdata Cloud have an alarm notification functionality.

Simply put, if an alarm is triggered, then both systems can let you know. The difference is that in the case of the Agent, every node handle’s its own alarms (or that of his children), while the Cloud manages alarms for an entire war-room (a collection of claimed Netdata Agents).

You can have either system configured to send alarms. You can configure both the Agent and Cloud to send notifications alarms.

                       ┌───▶ Cloud notifications (emails) dispatching
database ──── health ──┤
                       └───▶ Agent notifications dispatching

If you disable email alarms on the Agent, no email alarms will be sent from Cloud. To disable alarms on the agent, you can visit a

Currently, the Cloud supports only email notifications, although we are actively working to expand the options.