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Netdata cloud / agent notifications question

Hi guys,

I just wanted to clarify regarding how notifications work… Would you be able to help with the following questions?

  1. I’ve added a couple of new health alarms to the health.d/ folder. Do I need to set up anything else on the agent (eg. notification settings) to get the alerts to show in the cloud dashboard? Or are all alerts in health.d/ automatically pushed through?

  2. I’m looking forward to custom webhook notifications being added to cloud! Do you have an ETA on when they’ll be available? Will we be able to set the format of the payload so it’s compatible with our endpoints? And can you confirm webhooks will remain free for unlimited nodes in the future?

  3. I also need to send alerts to a REST API. The data needs to be formatted in a certain way and an authentication header/token needs to be passed through. I see you’re using a “docurl” command used in this example: Custom | Learn Netdata. Does that accept all the same variables as bash curl? So I could just use -H to send headers?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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  1. You don’t need to do anything else. Anything you see on the agent is automatically seen on the cloud as well.
  2. We don’t have the exact planning, but it should be this year (Q3-Q4)
  3. In the “custom” sender you can write any bash you like. Look at the definition of “docurl”, it just does a curl call with some debugging and the only options it accepts are globally defined for the entire alarm notifications script. When you send custom notifications you’re changing the script itself though, so it’s up to you how to change it. I’d just put a custom curl inside the custom function and not mess with the reuseable “docurl” call.
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Thanks @Christopher_Akritid1 for this answer.

@binaryfire if you create a new custom notification, it would be awesome if you would like to share the code and your use case with the rest of the community. Just create a topic in #community-guides and share your experience, maybe a hint or two to help others implement their own notification methods!

If you need any help with the alarm script, the best category to chat about it is #agent-development :v:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, will do :slight_smile:

@Christopher_Akritid1 Any ideas on the pricing question? Just wanted to confirm whether webhooks and unlimited nodes will remain free in the future

The only way you will ever need to pay anything to Netdata is if you will need enterprise features that are neither currently available, nor in the short to midterm roadmap. Scroll to the bottom of Netdata - Get Netdata and you will see a lot more details.

Hm… looks like we need to explicitly mention webhooks there. Unlimited nodes are already mentioned.
Custom webhooks will be the first new alarm notification method we will offer in the cloud and it will always be free.