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Cloud Notifications

Because of the distributed nature of Netdata, before this feature, notifications about triggered alarms had to be configured and dispatched by the individual nodes, by the Netdata agent registering a triggered alarm. This becomes inconvenient in certain common situations - for example, when the node is down. With this new system in place, the Netdata Cloud will be able to send email notifications directly. Of course, we will also enable configuring and sending notifications for other alarms (not just for downed nodes). For some users, especially those monitoring larger infrastructures, this approach to notifications will be easier and faster than configuring each individual agent.

We also plan to add new notification integrations through web hooks, which will allow alerting through other platforms, like Twilio, Slack, or PagerDuty - and many more. We are also planning to ship a mobile app (iOS & Android) to let users receive notifications.