Unreachable Netdata Cloud alerts to Slack/similar?

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I am currently making use of Netdata Cloud, and I am really happy with it! Works perfectly. Could do with some changes in regards to alerts needing to be configured across every single server manually, but what can you do.

I am currently having an issue however with unreachable servers. I am also using this as a form of monitoring, and I have Slack configured. It works great for standard alerts like memory being used too much, however I do not receive unreachable alerts into Slack. I only get them via email.

Is this something that can be enabled?


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@max1486 thanks for using Netdata! Both features are on our roadmap for early in 2022.

  • More alert notifications integrations like Slack and Pagerduty
  • Remote alert management and configuration

@Manos_Saratsis any updates on timeline for these features? Our team would like to leverage them

Hello @bo-d,

We are planning to include other integrations for notifications from Netdata Cloud with the Webhooks, Pagerduty and Slack and this will be available around end of Q2/2022.

But in the interim, you can always configure your notifications on the Agent to be redirected to Slack or any other integrations that are already available but this does not completely solve your problem for the reachability notifications which are only available from the Cloud.

Hope this helps!

@sashwathn thank you for the quick response and update on the timeline. Yes, it would be very helpful to be able to manage the alert notification routing in a central place instead of needing to copy the configuration to every node. We could stream everything to a parent node and centrally configure the alerts there, but then we’d need to centralize storage of all metrics on that node as well (since alerts can’t be triggered without a db), which means we’ll need to keep vertically scaling the parent over time. At that point we might as well just not use Netdata Cloud and just access the child nodes directly. But then we’d need to implement our own reachability alerts… We’ll try to figure something out.