Anyone willing to help?

Any one willing to help me with a system.uptime alarme? I would like to build an uptime alarme to check every min or so for the sistem to be online

Many thanks

Hi @ACASA_TV ! Welcome to the Netdata community.

What exactly do you want to check? That the system the Netdata agent is running is connected to the internet?

Hi Manolis I am trying to achieve an alarm to check every minute or so if the system is online, I don’t mind if is checking for netdata,but to make sure the server is online


I think the fping collector is maybe what you need here.

Once enabled and configured it will have these alarms

And so I think the fping_host_reachable alarm template would be the out it the box alert which you could edit a bit if you wanted bit probably fine as is to start with.

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Many thanks @andrewm4894 this is what i was looking for