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Entropy Alarm outdated

I have an entropy alarm that is over 850 hrs old. I fixed this ages ago. How long does it take until that alarm goes away and I never have to worry about it again?

Is there not some way in netdata cloud to acknowledge an alarm and clear it?

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Hey @Greg_Munro and welcome to our forums!

This is a known bug and we are working towards fixing it. TBH we are currently reworking a lot of functionality on the backend, so this is why it has taken time.

Regarding Incident management (silence alarms and acknowledge an incident), is on our Roadmap, but I can’t share any timeline for the implementation. Perhaps the @netdata-product team might be able to share more details :muscle:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to share. We are here to help!

@Greg_Munro Thanks for using Netdata. We are aware of this issue and we will address it. There is an open bug in Github