Smart plugin documentation insufficient

I followed the documentation for the smart collector at:

Yet, the csv log files are not created by smartd (despite /etc/default/smartmontools correctly configured with smartd_opts). The process list indicates that smartd is launched with the correct command line parameters (-A) Only “.state” files are created, not csv. Directory permissions are correct.

I also wonder why Netdata uses this method for smart monitoring. Why not simply use the output of smartctl, which would require no configuration ?

2024-04-23 12:14:52: python.d DEBUG: smartd_log[debian] : scanning /var/lib/smartmontools/
2024-04-23 12:14:52: python.d DEBUG: smartd_log[debian] : skipping smartd.XXXXXXX.state: not a csv file

Hi, @jeremy.wagner

I am wondering myself, and the most interesting thing is that I am the author of that collector :smile:

I want to rewrite it in go + using smartctl instead of log files. I plan to start tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

Will finish early next week, wip is netdata/netdata#17536.