How to add an alert - I must be missing something

I’m an absolutely new user, with 30 days left for trying Netdata Business.

I added a host and tried to set a custom alarm (for postfix, if that’s relevant). I fill out all the relevant fields, but… where the heck is the “add” or “save” button? Because I see none, and if I click the “X”, it doesn’t seem to save my changes (I don’t see it in the list of alerts). Pressing Enter doesn’t help either. Tried Firefox and Chrome, no changes.

Can anyone tell me what I am missing?

This is the bottom of the dialog for me:


Hi @fernando ,

Welcome to our forums.

With the Alerts Configuration Manager you can’t save the alert directly to the Agent, if you check our docs on Creating Alerts with Netdata Alerts Configuration Manager | Learn Netdata the last steps are:

  1. Copy the alert definition that is generated in the code box and add it to an existing health configuration file or a new custom file under <path to netdata install>/etc/netdata/health.d/ on a Parent Agent or a Standalone Child Agent.
  2. Reload Netdata Alert Health checks <path to netdata install>/usr/sbin/netdatacli reload-health and the new alert is now configured

We have the Centralized Configurations from the UI work in Beta, where you can also create or edit existing alerts on specific Node and this one allows you to save it into the agent. To try it out you can go to Nodes tab > Press the cogwheel (On the Node you want to configure things) > Health tab > + icon to add an alert

Note: We will be converging these two features into a single way of managing alerts, please bare with us for a while until we achieve that.

Hi @hugo ,

That’s a proper RTFM for me (sorry!!!). I can’t believe the times I complain about my colleagues not reading documentation, and here I am…

I found that page, read the first steps, then I scrolled to the bottom and then I came here. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for your time to explain it to me, and also the beta / future approach.

It looks great, and I’ll be patient!

Eh eh, it happens :slight_smile: Glad that everything is clear on the documentation.
Soon we’ll have everything immediately available from the UI on a final release, in the meantime please try the Beta and share any feedback!