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Alarms web_log_1m_redirects CRITICAL & web_log_1m_successful CRITICAL

Hello everyone,

I just set up my netadata on my hosted server.

I find alerts that are critical (web_log_1m_redirects CRITICAL & web_log_1m_successful CRITICAL), however it does not tell me anything. Should I worry about it? Or all is ok? :slight_smile:

Please find attached the screenshots.

Thank you in advance for your insights / inputs on this.

Have a good day!



Thanks for asking! Actually, this is a very good question, as we could improve the UI here.

In this case, you can see the description of the alarm, just under the title.

The first case, since it says that it’s the ratio of redirection HTTP requests over the last minute, means that 50% of the HTTP requests are being redirected over the last minute.

if you want to understand the syntax of the alarm configuration, you can take a look at our docs. It’s not super intuitive, so we are actively working in abstracting this over a better UI/UX experience.


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Thanks @OdysLam

Regarding 3xx (redirects), 4xx (client error), 5xx (server error) ratio alarms: i think we need to remove crit from 3xx and 4xx.


Thanks for the update & documentation!

It could be great to be able to edit the alert (i.e choose the value) or to delete/disable the alert.
It is spamming my mailbox.

For example, something like this:

Are these alerts critical? I’m getting web_log_1m_successful and web_log_1m_redirects in my email alerts and I don’t know what it is?

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Hey @Sub_Line ,

Sorry for not responding earlier! You can actually edit the configuration of the agent in order to change the default values:

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