Alert if any systemd service is in failed state


I’m new to Netdata and have a question that I hope anyone can assist with.

I want to alert if any systemd service enters failed state. There is already a collector (hoping that’s the correct terminology) for this as I can see it in graphs on Netdata Cloud. But I’m unable to configure an alert when a service fails.

Were able to find some information on Systemd Units | Learn Netdata and in netdata/health/health.d/systemdunits.conf at master · netdata/netdata · GitHub but didn’t figure out how to turn it into an alert on fails.


Hey, @martinstenrose. There is an alert for this but it is disabled by default - systemd_service_unit_failed_state. Remove the module: !* * line to enable it.

We disabled systemdunits alarms by default because users reported false positives: apparently, a lot of systems have some failed services and people don’t care about it.

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Thanks! Didn’t realize that it was that easy! :slight_smile: