Aliasing for metrics (ping module)

I’m using the ping module for Netdata and I was wondering if it is possible to supply aliases for certain targets.
The use case is that I am monitoring a number of IPv6 addresses but since I’m not a robot I find that viewing those metric in, say, the latency chart is perplexing because I won’t necessarily know what that IPv6 actually points to (I have quite a few being monitored).
I can’t use DNS names because I ping both IPv4 and IPv6 on each target and if I used names then I don’t control that anymore.
So what I’m looking to do is to be able to specify aliases for each host/metric…
e.g. = blue-box-at-end-of-cable-on-the-left

And then when I group a chart by host it will show the aliased names.
Or perhaps a “Group by Alias” would be better as it’s wouldn’t mess with the existing views.