Calculator DB is missing

Gday Everyone

I remember there was a calculator to calculate the db retention and usage period, but it’s missing Change how long Netdata stores metrics | Learn Netdata

Also, it seems that 10-march there was an auto-update and my netdata.conf reverted to default (!) why? how ?

Edit: the calculator is not working any more. Also this app have been removed from netdata Change how long Netdata stores metrics | Learn Netdata , but why now?

Some resource are also here : GitHub - netdata/netdata-storage-calculator: Netdata Storage Calculator

Hi, @pgro

Yes, there was a bug in debian packages. The issue was reported on GitHub and fixed on the same day. We are very sorry :pensive:

Hi @ilyam8 and thank you.
What about the calculator? is there any information where I can find it?

Yes, the calculator was removed because it was wrong due to recent changes (improvements) to dbengine. The most up-to-date source at the moment is Change how long Netdata stores metrics (I see you have found it). I don’t know if there are plans to fix and get it back, I will get back to you when I have an update.

Thank you so much for your help