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Change Node-Name when agent is running via docker

hi there,

this new cloud looks very interesting and i already tested my first node, i used the docker agent,
but - i am not surprised - the hostname is NOT the host itself, the hostname of the docker container is used…
i also tried the param “-host” as explained here:
but still i only see the docker-containers-hostname. how can i change that ?

alt text

thanks !

As an alternative to the Docker hostname thing mentioned by Zack, you can manually override the hostname that Netdata reports in the netdata.conf file by adding a hostname key under the [global] section. This obviously doesn’t scale well if you have a lot of nodes, but if you’ve only got one or two it can be a much easier solution than trying to get Docker to give all the containers sane hostnames.

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You may have to create networks and assign hostnames for containers within those networks using docker network create and following up with docker run -h human_readable_hostname --ip [an ip on the network] --net [the network created]. These commands will have some additional options based on what exactly you are trying to run…

It might be easier to use docker-compose for something like that. In any case I think the trick is to set a readable hostname for the container.

We also have a lengthy docker guide but I don’t think it covers this specific question.

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