dns_query_time_query_time: flood of warnings due to "0 ms"

Despite of my /etc/netdata/health.d/dns_query.conf (no warn!)

 query failure

 template: dns_query_time_query_time
       on: dns_query_time.query_time
    class: Latency
     type: DNS
component: DNS
   lookup: average -10s unaligned foreach *
    units: ms
    every: 30s
     #warn: $this == nan
    delay: up 20s down 5m multiplier 1.5 max 1h
     info: average DNS query round trip time over the last 30 seconds
       to: sysadmin

I’m getting many warnings of this kind:

dns_query_time_query_time_1.0.0.1 … 0 ms

But I really don’t want to be notified/warned, when this happens. How can I disable this? :thinking:

Hi @thomasmerz !

I’m looking at it, to see what’s happening, but if you only want to silence the notifications at the moment, you can follow this guide: Stop notifications for individual alarms | Learn Netdata

That’s a nice “woraround”. But I think I’ve solved this better.

#warn: $this == nan

After restarting my Netdata-Container no more “flood warnings” occured since restart. The Quad-9-DNS-Resolvers often don’t response at all for my checks. I don’t want to get this “alarm” or “warning”, so I disabled this completely :+1:

Okay, that’s nice :slight_smile: But it’s still a bit of a mystery why it warns since it’s commented out… :thinking:

I think that these flood warnings were due to some of these:

  • netdata.execution_time_of_dns_query_ext_quad9 = 61s ago (check ran tooooo long so others have been “queued”?!)
  • dns_query_time_query_time_9.9.9.11 = 0 ms (no response at all?!)

Because Quad-9-DNS-resolvers are often not or very slowing responding.
But with your solution I suppress all these warnings - because I don’t need this warnings immediately, but want to have a nice chart representing the query-times for some dnsping-like checks to gather some stats which DNS-resolver to prefer and which to avoid.