Docker Container down Alert configuration

I want to configure an alert for any Docker container that goes down using the Netdata stable client. I will share a metrics snapshot from the Netdata dashboard.

Hi. I added an example in health add alarm docker container down by ilyam8 · Pull Request #18075 · netdata/netdata · GitHub. Check the alert and my comments in the PR.

Hi @ilyam8 I follow this one and use this config file, but its not work properly, When Docker container up that time alert trigger to Microsoft teams,

Hi, @zerondevops. I can’t confirm the issue, the alarm is up only if a container is exited (down).

Yes when container again up means “docker compose up” that time alarm is up that that container down

There is 1 minute delay for sending CLEAR notification but that is it. It works for me, I don’t have any problems with this alarm.

Hi Still I facing this same issue when docker down that time alert not trigger, when I up docker container that time alert trigger. I using this configure

  template: docker_container_down
              on: docker.container_state
         class: Errors
          type: Containers

component: Docker
chart labels: container_name=!*
units: status
every: 10s
lookup: average -10s of exited
warn: $this > 0
delay: down 1m multiplier 1.5 max 2h
summary: Docker container ${label:container_name} down
info: Docker container ${label:container_name} is currently not running
to: sysadmin

alert trigge

This is impossible. The alarm you shared matches nothing. It can’t be triggered with your configuration.

Check the alert and my comments in the PR.

I think you missed that and didn’t read this comment and modified chart labels.

You need to modify chart labels: container_name=!*

I understand that if any container goes down (is not running), I should receive a notification using this configuration.

@ilyam8 @zerondevops : I got on a call and solved this issue to trigger alerts when the docker containers go to exited state.

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