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Docker container monitoring on Mac OSX


I’m evaluating system monitoring tools to use on my home server. I run a 5-10 docker containers using docker compose, plus a few applications on the host.

The server is a mac mini running OSX high sierra.

I’m looking for a simple tool, to monitor the system metrics, along with the breakdown per container.


Netdata seems to provide a great “out of the box” setup for system monitoring. However, there are no metrics or dashboards for my containers.

I took a look at the cgroups plugin. It seems to rely on linux specific things (such as /proc and /sys/cgroups). Is there any way to get container metrics when running docker for mac on OSX?

Hi. Docker on Mac is a Linux virtual machine. I guess the only way to collect Docker container metrics is to install Netdata as a container too (VM metrics + containers that run in this VM).

On mac its not a traditional linux VM, its more tightly integrated into the OS. For example, when configuring docker bind mounts, these reference the filesystem on the MacOS host. So, /proc and /sys/cgroups etc still don’t exists from dockers perspective.

To verify, I tried running in docker and still don’t see any container metrics.