How to override default netdata.conf when using the docker container

I’ve been using Netdata for a while, and now I want to specify some custom options in netdata.conf.
However, I use Netdata on Unraid from the official docker image, and I’d prefer not to modify the default netdata.conf file.

To do so I followed some hints from an old docker repository and for my Unraid docker template and put a netdata.conf file in the override configuration folder (/etc/data/override/), with my custom options (e.g. hostname = hello-world, as per example on the official documentation).

However, I can’t seem to make any netdata.conf setting from files placed in /etc/data/override/ work. Only modifying /etc/netdata/netdata.conf

What am I doing wrong? I can’t find any docs about this /etc/data/override folder, so maybe this is just an outdated feature?

Hi, @ei70.

Check Host-editable configuration when running the Agent in a container. I hope it will work for you.

Thank you, but that’s not exactly what I’d like to do.
I already can modify the original netdata.conf, from inside the docker, but I do not want to. I’d much prefer to keep everything self-detected and just add a specific configuration file for the single options I want to modify (e.g. hostname - hello-world). If I do that directly in the default (empty) netdata.conf, for some reason some things stop being self-detected, such as charts about my docker containers.