Howto show MongoDB Replication charts

I use Netdata MongoDB Go plugin to monitor a 3 hosts cluster (primary, secondary, arbiter) with a Replica Set.
In the documentation, it is said that Replica Set is supported and should appear: MongoDB monitoring with Netdata | Learn Netdata
But I have no charts about Replication, on any host.
Did I miss something ?

This is my configuration on each host for the go plugin:

  • name: local
    uri: ‘mongodb://localhost:27018’
    timeout: 20
    - “* *”
    - “= config”
    - “= admin”

Thank’s a lot

Hi, @comete-geek. Apologies for the delayed response. There was a bug, we merged a fix today. The next “nightly” update will contain it.

If the problem won’t be fixed with the next update for you:

  • unmark this post as a “Solution”.
  • let us know.

Hi, thanks for your answer. I will try this as soon as the next release will be there.
Thank you very much !

I tried with last release and indeed replicaset stats appear but if I stop the MongoDB service and restart it, Netdata don’t resume the replicaset stats and metrics stay at the time the service stop. I have to restart netdata to see replicaset metrics reported in charts again…


@comete-geek the problem is only with replica set metrics? Thanks for reporting, I will check it today.

Yes it seems. The other MongoDB metrics are updated in real time.