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Web Server | HTTP Endpoints

The Netdata Agent monitors your HTTP endpoints. You can specify endpoints the Agent will monitor in
the Agent’s Go module under go.d/httpcheck.conf. 1 The Agent calculates the average response time for every HTTP request made to the endpoint being monitored per hour. The Agent also calculates the average response time in a 3-min window.

The Netdata Agent compares these two (average) values. If there is a significant increase in 3-min average, then it will trigger a warning alert when the response time 3-min average is at least twice as much as 1-hour average. The alert will escalate to critical when the response time 3-min average reaches three times the average amount per hour.

References and Sources
  1. HTTP endpoint monitoring with Netdata

Troubleshooting section:

General Approach

To troubleshoot this issue, check for:

  • Network congestion in your system’s network and/or in the remote endpoint’s network.
  • If the endpoint is managed by you, then check the system load.