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Main signal not enabling reaper

Hi i installed netdata it installed well, but when i restart or start it i get this errors:

— We are done! —

|.-. .-. .-. .-. .-. . netdata .-. .-
| ‘-’ ‘-’ ‘-’ ‘-’ ‘-’ is installed and running now! -’ ‘-’

root@mmsam [/]# service netdata start
Starting netdata…2020-09-17 00:11:57: netdata INFO : MAIN : CONFIG: cannot load cloud config ‘/var/lib/netdata/cloud.d/cloud.conf’. Running with internal defaults.
2020-09-17 00:11:57: netdata INFO : MAIN : SIGNAL: Not enabling reaper
[ OK ]

And im unnable to load web interface and before the update i can.

This is what i see on the error log

This is the python debug log for mysql

Hello @Samuel-Salomón-Marchán-Fernández ,

Firstly I apologize the delay to answer you. We are working hard to reduce the period of time that each user waits to receive an answer from our staff team.

Let me explain for you each one of these “errors”.

CONFIG: cannot load cloud config ‘/var/lib/netdata/cloud.d/cloud.conf’. Running with internal defaults.

This means that your agent was not claimed, and you are not sending data to cloud, to fix this, you can login to Netdata cloud and get the link to claim the node. For more details, please, take a look at our documentation.

The second message:

 SIGNAL: Not enabling reaper

This was an user contribution to avoid zombie process, this is not an error on your system.

Best regards!

Hi, welcome to our forums !

Can you please tell me what installation method you used?