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Monitor packet loss between docker containers

Hi there,

we would like to monitor any bad connections as well as packet loss between docker containers/within docker containers.

Netdata is already picking up the containers, is there any way to add monitoring for packet loss?


Currently, that is not possible. fping collector pings a certain host and visualizes things such as packet loss. Perhaps you could measure the packet-loss between pods, where you would install Netdata as part of pod A and it would ping pod B. @ilyam8 can correct if I am wrong.

Cheers :v:

We would like to monitor the packet loss between containers which are part of a cluster.

Just to clarify, you want to monitor the packet loss of each individual container as a whole or inside? I think we don’t have that level of granularity but our magical @ilyam8 can say more.

You can start with the fping plugin and see if it is adequate for your use-case.

Cheers @slind14 :slight_smile: