mysql_galera_cluster_status alert raised while getting 0 as value on local netdata agent


Hi all,
I might misunderstand the mysql_galera_cluster_status alert, because I have 3 galera nodes getting this alert, but when I connect on each of them and check the variable wsrep_cluster_status, I get Primary as value:

MariaDB [(none)]> SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE 'wsrep_cluster_status%';
| Variable_name        | Value   |
| wsrep_cluster_status | Primary |
1 row in set (0,001 sec)

Here is a screenshot of what I can see locally on one of the 3 galera nodes:

The 3 nodes are correctly visible, and the status looks to be equal to 0 on each of them, still the alert is raised.

What I expected to happen

I’d expect to not have any alert related to this Galera cluster.

Or, maybe the problem comes from a connection issue to the MariaDB instance, because I can’t see where the netdata agent could get the password to access the database.

Any help/hint would be appreciated.

Additional info

# /opt/netdata/bin/netdata -W buildinfo
Version: netdata v1.36.1
Configure options:  '--prefix=/opt/netdata/usr' '--sysconfdir=/opt/netdata/etc' '--localstatedir=/opt/netdata/var' '--libexecdir=/opt/netdata/usr/libexec' '--libdir=/opt/netdata/usr/lib' '--with-zlib' '--with-math' '--with-user=netdata' '--enable-cloud' '--without-bundled-protobuf' '--disable-dependency-tracking' 'CFLAGS=-static -O2 -I/openssl-static/include -pipe' 'LDFLAGS=-static -L/openssl-static/lib' 'PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/openssl-static/lib/pkgconfig'
Install type: kickstart-static
    Binary architecture: x86_64
    dbengine:                   YES
    Native HTTPS:               YES
    Netdata Cloud:              YES 
    ACLK Next Generation:       YES
    ACLK-NG New Cloud Protocol: YES
    ACLK Legacy:                NO
    TLS Host Verification:      YES
    Machine Learning:           YES
    Stream Compression:         YES
    protobuf:                YES (system)
    jemalloc:                NO
    JSON-C:                  YES
    libcap:                  NO
    libcrypto:               YES
    libm:                    YES
    tcalloc:                 NO
    zlib:                    YES
    apps:                    YES
    cgroup Network Tracking: YES
    CUPS:                    NO
    EBPF:                    YES
    IPMI:                    NO
    NFACCT:                  NO
    perf:                    YES
    slabinfo:                YES
    Xen:                     NO
    Xen VBD Error Tracking:  NO
    AWS Kinesis:             NO
    GCP PubSub:              NO
    MongoDB:                 NO
    Prometheus Remote Write: YES

Hi, @raphael. I believe this problem is fixed in the latest master.

Version: netdata v1.36.1

Since you are using stable releases, you need to wait for v1.37.0. It will be out in ~ 1 week.

Great news, I miss to look at github issues before.

Thanks for the information, I’ll wait the auto-updater to go to after the release.

Best. :v: