PostgreSQL documentation leads to errors

When following the PostgreSQL docs (PostgreSQL monitoring with Netdata | Learn Netdata), it tells you to create a netdata user, give it the pg_monitor rights, and then to restart the netdata service. That doesn’t actually work, as the default config only uses the postgres user it seems. So how does one properly configure this monitor, for this user, when created as the docs suggested?

Ok, this worked in the end:

  - name: local
    dsn: 'host=/var/run/postgresql dbname=database_name user=netdata'

Would be nice to update the docs.

Thanks for this!
[Bug]: Default job for postgresql doesn't include the netdata user · Issue #14628 · netdata/netdata · GitHub was created to fix the issue.

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Added 2 data collection jobs with netdata user in 1104.