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Running netdata with cpu affinity

I want to start using netdata to monitor my servers.
I’m planning to run netdata with docker.
Most of my servers are running other docker containers that are running latency-critical processes that are running on specific CPUs (configured with isolcpus).
Is there any way to control the affinity of netdata threads? I don’t want netdata to run on all the isolcpus cores, or even make it run only on a specific core (core 0 for example).


We don’t currently support any special configuration to do this, meaning you will have to use whatever your normal tooling for setting up Docker containers is to configure it. For k8s that would mean CPU Manager functionality. For regular Docker, there’s a --cpuset option for the docker run command (and I believe an equivalent for Docker Compose). For Docker Swarm there appears to be no option for this right now.

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