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Sales data analysis possible?

I want to do simple analytics on my my.SQL data of sales and show the trends and graph in realtime … is that possible ?

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Hey @vcashraf ,

If you want to analyse the data that exist in the database, this is not possible with Netdata. You could write a custom python collector that runs certain SQL queries inside your database and plots the data in real time in the Netdata dashboard, using Netdata as a visualizer for your data.

It looks like a cool idea for a custom collector, which takes as input SQL queries (in yaml configuration file) which should output a single value (not table) and then visualize that number.

What do you think @ilyam8 ?

Maybe you could use statsd perhaps in some way.

Publish the data from the mysql to the statsd endpoint on the machine and then netdata could read from the statsd perhaps: statsd.plugin · Netdata Agent | Learn Netdata

So then maybe all you’d need to write would be some little job that reads from mysql and pushed to statsd.

I’ve not done this before so not 100% sure but think it sounds reasonable enough.

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