setting up netdata on truenas collecting data from proxmox agent without netdata cloud


I try to stream netdata from a netdata agent (child) installed on a proxmox node to a netdata agent (parent) running as a Truenas app (Truenas SCALE on another proxmox node ). The Trunas App netdata should become the central netdata instance (parent) where I should see all other agents (childs) reporting to (proxmox nodes, VMs,LXCs), e.g. under tab “nodes”. Parents and children are within the same LAN.

On the Truenas app netdata (parent: tn-pve02) I have configured netdata.conf
bind to =

hostname = tn-pve02

…and also there in: /etc/netdata/stream.conf
enabled = yes
bind to =
default memory mode = save

enabled = yes
allow from = *
default history = 3600
health enabled by default = auto
default postpone alarms on connect seconds = 60
multiple connections = allow
api key = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

On one of the another proxmox node (pve02b) I have configured a netdata agent (child) in /etc/netdata/stream.conf:

enabled = yes
destination =
api key = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
timeout seconds = 60
default port = 20489
send charts matching = *
buffer size bytes = 1048576
reconnect delay seconds = 5
initial clock resync iterations = 60


on parent
I only see node tn-pve02 (the parents own stats) but not pve02b (child stats)

on child as
I can see the child stats only on pve02b (child)

systemctl status netdata gitves: “STREAM pve02b [send to]: remote server denied access, probably we don’t have the right API key? - will retry”

During testing, the API-key as shown was used.

What am I doing wrong here?

Best regards

Hi, @motto. It is hard to follow your configs because you didn’t use formatting, but your streaming configuration is wrong (API key placement). Consider checking Configure Parent/Child docs.

@ilyam8 it looks like I can not use the installation script as describe in Configure Parent/Child docs.

Autodetected containerized Netdata instance. Attempting to autodetect container ID.
ERROR: Unable to find a usable container tool stack. I support Docker and Podman.

Also, there is a port (20489) used for the parent-dashboard, that seems to be different from the 19999. 19999 seems to be closed on TrueNAS and there is probably a lot of Kubernetes involved to get it open (?) that I do not want to deal with.

I probably need to install a netdata instance somewhere outside TrueNAS for the parent, which makes it less suitable for my case. I will try other Truenas apps instead first and see if I find a solution within Truenas.

Best regards

PS: sorry for my bad styling of the code sample in my first post