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Statsd : smart naming of app counters for auto zc positive/negative parts?


When pushing e.g. counters to statsd, is there a zero-config way that netdata combines them into charts with positive/negative lines?

E.g. if i name 2 of my counters :, myapp.mycounter.write, can I expect netdata to chart them together into a single chart with positive/negative lines; similar with network or disk read/write charts in the standard system configs.

I understand from docs that I can configure this myself with 5-10 lines of config per chart (exposing dimensions specially named ‘read’ , ‘write’ or similar), but it would be really useful if there was a way to achieve this with zero-configuration, e.g. by how the coutners area named


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Hi @Techno_Magos,

The StatsD collector is not currently able to do this. You can easily define a Synthetic Chart like the following:

    name = mychart
    title = my chart title
    family = my family
    context = chart.context
    units = tests/s
    priority = 91000
    type = area
    dimension = myapp.metric1 m1 last  1 1
    dimension = myapp.metric2 m2 last 1 -1

To do this, use the edit-config tool that you will find in the /etc/netdata directory, for example:
sudo edit-config statsd.d/myapp.conf .