where does the netdata cgroup plugin get the list of cgroup names

Does anyone know where the cgroup plugin gets the cgroup names from? I understand cgroup_name.sh is called for each one but i don’t know where the plugin gets the initial list of names.

It reads directory names under /sys/fs/cgroup and passes them as id’s to cgroup_name.sh

I had a problem with the cgroup_name step and it’s now solved

If running containerd and cgroup driver is systemd be sure to set:

SystemdCgroup = true

@data-smith what problem did you have with cgroup_name? Can you describe before/after adding SystemdCgroup = true?

@ilyam8 The problem was that Netdata was not showing the pod names correctly on the right. I was getting a lot of warnings in the logs:
'Cannot find the name of cgroup id ‘system.slice_containerd.service_kubepods-besteffort…etc’

I’m running Netdata 1.35 in a Kubernetes cluster with Containerd as the runtime. And the Cgroup driver is systemd.

After looking closely at our configuration we saw that the below section did not have the SystemCgroup set to true. It was empty. So we added it and this fixed the problem.

SystemCgroup = true