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Why does Helm chart for netdata-child daemonset use hostNetwork?





What I expected to happen

helmchart/daemonset.yaml at master · netdata/helmchart · GitHub shows that pods are using hostNetwork and exposing port 19999 externally.

Why is this necessary?

Given that daemonset streams data to netdata-parent deployment, my expectation is that hostNetwork is not necessary, and also netdata-child pods should not need to have any ports open.

Hi @sdo.

You are right, netdata child (daemonset) manifest has hostNetwork: true and it is not user configurable, so it is hard requirement.

Check the issue where we discussed it. One of the reasons - we want to be able to collect data from the applications listening on localhost. For example - kubelet (not containerized), but it can be done via api server proxy feature. Likely there are other things i didn’t mention.

What we need to do is to make clear why we need hostNetwork: true and make it user configurable, i agree.