14 day history and Stumbling blocks

Hello, I have increased the hard disk cache a few weeks ago. I now come to a 14 day history.
I think this is great, even though I am aware that netdata was not built for this at all.
If I set after a period of 14 days again to e.g. 30 minutes, then the graphic load is not updated.
Sometimes setting the period multiple times helps. Sometimes only browser window reload helps.
Is not so tragic, but still wonders me

CU Bernd

hello @Bernd 14 days! nice :slight_smile:

I think most i have on one of my parent nodes is 7 days so you win!

Would you be able to share some screenshots if possible? When recreating the issue can you press f12 for chrome developer mode (assuming you on chrome - i think it should work for other browsers too) and see what errors if any you see in the console and share them in here if possible.

Usually something in there can help the frontend team know where the problem might be.


I have looked at this with the developer tools from Chrome, 7 Days period. I could have thought of it myself. Anyway. My observation: If I interpret this correctly, there are 15 seconds timeouts when loading from the DB engine.

interesting, thanks for sharing - i’ll see if anyone from the agent or FE team has any ideas on if some more fundamental reason why you struggling with 14 days. Is for sure an interesting edge/test case.