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Cloud service outage?

90% of my agents suddenly have an Unreachable status and yet I can load their local dashboards just fine from the ‘visited nodes’ links.
Tried with Chrome and Edge Chromium latest versions… :smiley:

Hi @Luis_Johnstone,

Are the agents still appearing as unreachable?
This is a known issue, that we are working on fixing permanently. It has nothing to do with the browser or its version. :grin:

Finally, feel free to report any issues or bugs that you may come across with, at the Netdata Cloud repo.

Thank you for using Netdata Cloud!

More have started appearing but not all. Moreover, I can see a large gap in my historical data. Take for example a test cluster I have where data goes back to 21/11/2020:

All nodes were unavailable so that’s a 50% improvement but I’m also seeing missing data on some nodes. For example a different host has data going back to 21/11/2020 but one chart is missing data from that period; and I know it had the data because I have been checking it every day:

If you want adaption of this great product then stuff like this just needs to work.
I’ll cross-post on the issue tracker that you linked to as well :slight_smile: