Add Plugin to many installed Agent

Dear users,

I would like to use Application Monitoring apps.plugin for all of my 20 installed agents.
How I can do modification one time for all my 20 agents in /etc/netdata/edit-config apps_groups.conf ?

Now, I am facing to this new issue. How apply new configuration to all of my agents ?
Each computer has is own ssh password and access.
I cannot connect to each agent and do the modification. How to do it if you have 500 agents ?!

Thank you very much,


Hi @Maximilien, welcome to Netdata!
Could you please give me a bit extra context about your setup and your infrastructure? Do you use dockerized images?
How do you usually deploy something in your servers? Do you use any orchestration tools, like Ansible, etc?


I don’t have any orchestration tools like Ansible.

We have a list of 50 Ubuntu Servers which are reachable by our OpenVPN Network.
Each has his own access by SSH with a unique ID and Password.
My only actual way is to be connected to each server manually and do the installation.

How I can automatize it?


I think once a user gets to that size or more of hosts they typically look at tools like ansible/chef/puppet to do configuration management.

I’m at this point myself (8-10 servers i had been managing by custom scripts) but need to now look into learning Ansible and use that tool to solve these issues.

We have an example doc here for Ansible: Deploy Netdata with Ansible | Learn Netdata

I’m hoping to try and create more material to share with the community as i learn Ansible for netdata myself since its completely new to me.

Here is an example twitch stream i found interesting where a user is using Chef to do the configuration management on a fleet of servers. [2021-05-12] Refactoring the Chef cookbook for Netdata - YouTube

So currently i believe the answer is to use a tool like ansible/chef/puppet to automate the configuration management of your netdata agents.

We do have future plans to maybe have some way to do some centralized agent configuration from within Netdata Cloud but thats still a bit far out from what i can see.