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Discovering all win10 computers

How can I discover and add all win10 computers in local network into netdata at once?
As I see I need to add one by one in go.d.plugin
Is it possible to add all and monitor all which runs windows-exporter?

Hello @Blisk welcome!!!

I think the general approach here would be to use something like Ansible, or chef or puppet to sort of automate the configuration in a dynamic way.

We have a bit of a guide on ansible here Deploy Netdata with Ansible | Learn Netdata

I’m hoping to build it more examples as dynamic, automated configuration like this is something i struggle with too.

A maybe hacky approach could be to have a cron job that dynamically builds the .conf file you need and then restart netdata. This could work if you only need to do it once a day or something like that.

There may be some useful info in these two posts also:

I believe we are also working longer term on central cloud based config of agents which would be cool to be able to sort of template up confis and script them then to basically add each win10 computer it finds dynamically.