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Configuration Management with Consul

Hey everyone,

I created a sample-app for dynamic configuration management with Hashicorp Consul.

You can read more in the Github Repository.

I think that would make sense @andrewm4894.l should be able to put something together in the weekend.

I think yes, it can manipulate whatever file-based configuration. Everytime a key-value combination is changed, it restarts netdata. So the user could use the Consul API to dynamically configure anything, provided that the appropriate templates have been created. Thus, in that sense, the user must know a-priori what they might want to dynamically configure later-on.

Cool - I wonder would a little video on the YouTube channel walking through this be useful and sit nice in the README.

Do you think Consul could also be used for something like turning the “example” collector on - sort of as an example of configuring/customizing a collector automatically?