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Netdata Agent for windows server


As per the document i have installed the agent in the linux machine and configured windows server using wmi. The data are getting pushed to

The problem is windows server metrics are merged along with the the linux server where wmi is configured.

Is it possible to shows the windows server as a additional node in the or the linux client.

Hey @shyam.soundar,

Regarding your question about Windows support, we just posted a blog-post about monitoring windows with Netdata. I hope you find it illuminating:


Good question. Each job should create a different set of charts.

What will happen if i add one more windows server in the jobs? it will consolidate and show the metrics or it will be two different metrics.

hi @shyam.soundar,

In order to do that, you would need to install a netdata agent to a machine, and enable ONLY the WMI collector, disabling explicitly all the other collectors.

You can read about disabling plugins in our documentation.

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