Monitor Windows server

Hi all,

I have to seek advice after a few hours but still no luck to complete Windows monitoring.

First of all I have followed / checked a few docs (just found new user not allow to include 5 links so I have to change the URL a bit)

So far, I have completed -

  • account is ready and I can login
  • created a Ubuntu, followed the URL and installed agent (docker)
  • the node is running and showing up in the portal
  • created a Windows server, install Windows Exporter 0.17.1
    Releases · prometheus-community/windows_exporter · GitHub
    both localhost on same host and from the host running netdata agent is good - I assume firewall is good
  • followed the guide to run sudo ./edit-config go.d/wmi.conf
    and update the file as below

update_every: 5

[ JOBS ]

but still not showing up in the portal after sudo systemctl restart netdata

I then found out another article about needing to enable plugin
So I copied the go.d.conf file from lib folder to /etc/netdata
made sure permission all good
altered the content by removing # front of wmi:yes
restarted the service but still no good.

For now, I can still see the dockserv hosting the agent running in the portal but not the Windows.

Is there anything I missed?


Thank you so much,

Similar to another post, here are the outputs.

xxx@xxx:/etc/netdata$ grep -v ‘^#’ /etc/netdata/go.d/wmi.conf
update_every: 5
[ JOBS ]


xxx@xxx:/etc/netdata$ grep -v ‘^#’ /etc/netdata/go.d.conf

enabled: yes

default_run: yes

max_procs: 0

wmi: yes