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Netdata monitor windows 8.1


I am new to Netdata. How can I monitor a windows 8.1 machine?


@nocera, at the moment we can gather whatever metrics the Prometheus Windows exporter provides us. So the idea is that you run the exporter natively on windows and you have Netdata pulling from the exporter, either from a docker container on the windows machine, from the WSL of the same machine, or another linux system that is in the same network (as the wmi collectors uses HTTP to poll the exporter endpoint).

is There a way We can monitor all sorts of devices and get its metrics like We do on Debian? like setting up a container inside Windows and still monitor all metrics? or it will just not work as I am thinking?

I’d also like to monitor WIndows device but I’d like to also get temperatures.

Yep i believe it means you wont be able to monitor a windows machine via or the standalone agent.

This issue has some more background i think:

I think some have gotten it working with WSL on windows but that’s probably not much use if just looking to monitor windows itself.

I am using the . Does it means I can’t monitor it from there?

Thanks @manos-saratsis for the swift response!

Hi @Flex2-Sys and thanks for your interest! Currently we do not have a Netdata Agent for Windows but you can still get monitoring insights and some pre-configured alarms.
On all Windows hosts you need to have the windows_exporter which is very well known and supported by the Prometheus community.
Then you need to setup within your infra a Netdata agent (could be a linux VM) and configure the wmi plugin written in Golang. Within the wmi.conf you can configure jobs that fetch the data from the Windows hosts. Last step is to view these data on the agent dashboard (right bar, close to bottom).

See detailed explanation below: