Correct way to set up simple Windows metrics monitoring?

I did my best to follow some guides and other links e.g.

But, I am left with what seems to be a partly-broken setup. Not sure if I am supposed to be switching to the WSL2 flavor of this setup or if it’s enough to stick with the old Prometheus exporter.

I have netdata nightly running (successfully) on Debian 12.

I configured windows.conf

  - name: win10
    vnode: win10

and vnodes.conf

- hostname: win10
  guid: a6dc90a3-bf48-4bdb-acfa-836f189609be

I installed windows_exporter on a Windows 10 VM as a test. Directly accessible via the network, no firewall and I can pull the successfully, so I know it is populating data. I installed it using this commandline:

msiexec /i windows_exporter-0.26.0-amd64.msi ENABLED_COLLECTORS=cpu,memory,net,logical_disk,os,system,logon,tcp,thermalzone,process,service

But, there is nothing showing up under Collectors:

And, the dashboard misses a lot of basic info, such as RAM, CPU, etc.

Just seems like something is off… Am I holding this thing upside down?

Hi. The correct way is to wait for the native Netdata Agent on Windows.

Ok but for now is there any way to just get most basic info? I am trying to troubleshoot ram ballooning on a certain cursed Windows system, and I would love to just get an alarm for RAM>90% consumed. Maybe I am hitting the ant with sledge hammer…