alert definition preview not working

Bug description

When creating an alert (manage alerts window) the definition preview is unavailable now.

Additional context

The preview was working as of 31 May, 2024. It appears there was an update/change over the weekend. The UI looks different than it did on Friday as well (for Alert Manager).

Expected behavior

Alert definition should preview and update on the right-hand side of the alert manager window, per netdata doc.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Navigate to the Metrics tab and select the chart you want to configure for Alerts.
  2. Click the Alert icon in the top right corner of the chart.
  3. The Alert Configuration Manager will open, showing the default thresholds. The Alert definition does not appear on the right-hand side.

Screenshot of Issue

Hi, @Eric_Simich. No, it wasn’t working. The user interface with support for configuration rendering was released today.

is not supported by this node

Only the nightly version of Netdata has this feature. The stable version doesn’t have it.

If I want to use this feature, what do I need to do ?
Re-install the agent using nightly?

I switched to the nightly build. It still doesn’t work. It errors out on the right-hand side even with values that can be left undefined because they have a default action/value.

@Eric_Simich that is a bug. I tested it and noticed that Netdata requires all possible fields to be set (including optional ones) and does not generate configuration until all fields are set. We will fix it, but probably not this but next week.

Thank you for the prompt test and answer, most appreciated. I’ll be on the lookout.

The issue is fixed in DYNCFG: health, generate userconfig for incomplete alerts by ktsaou · Pull Request #17859 · netdata/netdata · GitHub. This update will be in tomorrow’s nightly release.

Awesome, thank you. How long does it take a fix like this to transition to stable release?

It depends. We plan to do the v1.46.0 release next week.