anomaly detection not found in menu

I enable ml in config

    enabled = yes

and restart Netdata. But I can’t find anomaly detection in the menu.

netdata version

netdata v1.32.0-8-nightly

Hmm, can you run

grep 'ML' /var/log/netdata/error.log

And share if any ML related messages come up.

What OS are you running on?

Thanks for enabling it and welcome!

It’s enabled on the London demo sever so should look something like that once available.

Another thing to check would be the api/v1/info endpoint of the node to see if it is able to build the ml code.

For example on you will see “Machine Learning” in the buildinfo.

"buildinfo": "dbengine|Native HTTPS|Netdata Cloud|ACLK Next Generation|New Cloud Protocol Support|ACLK Legacy|TLS Host Verification|Machine Learning|protobuf|JSON-C|libcrypto|libm|LWS v3.2.2|mosquitto|zlib|apps|cgroup Network Tracking|EBPF|perf|slabinfo",

This signals that the agent is able to run the ML and was able to build it.

just adding info - chatted to @vahid_sohrabloo on discord and its all good now. looks like maybe was just a bit of time updating the charts to be visible/displayed in cloud once enabled on the agent.