Bandwidth monitoring per process and per IP


I am looking for 2 specific metrics, both related to bandwidth:

  • monitor bandwidth per process (input output)
  • monitor bandwidth per ip connection (input output)

On Linux server (aws and alicloud). Is this possible with Netdata? From the UI it seems not, but maybe I am missing something.

If this possible can I export the data to grafana (or altenatives)?

Hello @Bogdan_Buliga ,

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I began to work in this feature recently and it will be available for users in the beginning of next year.

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@Bogdan_Buliga ,

As I commented with you, as soon PR eBPF socket (eBPF) by thiagoftsm · Pull Request #16669 · netdata/netdata · GitHub is merged, we will deliver the metrics you wish.
I still will bring another PR that will give even more details about the metrics you need.

Best regards!