Can I know the details of network traffic?

I installed netdata using kickstart and succeeded in connecting to the cloud.

If you look at the [IPv4 Networking] menu, there are sockets, packets, and more.

In addition to the above information, I would like to know the traffic bandwidth, origin, destination IP, port, etc.

Is it possible to check?

Hello @sjh0207 ,

We are working to bring a monitoring in the level you want, internally we call it Network Viewer, but I am not sure when we will bring it, so I will let our product team (@Christopher_Akritid1 and @hugo ) to give a proper answer.

The first steps were already given, considering that we are already collecting what you want to know using eBPF.plugin. We have to bring a visualization for these metrics now.

Best regards!

Hi @sjh0207 ,

I confirm what @Thiago_Marques_0 mentions, we have spoken about a Network Viewer in the past.

Unfortunately this work hasn’t been prioritized among other initiatives and we don’t know yet when we’ll be able to deliver such a feature.

When we have more clarity we will share more on this.


Can I understand that it is impossible at the moment???

Yes, that is correct.

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