can netdata monitordata from a modbus source ?


netdata seems much easier to use than other monitoring solutions that we have been using before.

can netdata being used to monitor data collected from industrial sources like :

  • modbus tcp link from a yocto linux embeded device

for testing netdata may not be allowed to be directly installed on the yocto embeded device.
but could collect data published on modbus format

can netdata collect / recover modbus data ?

Hi @freelab - Welcome!!

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

I am not familiar with modbus and not sure if we have any custom collectors that could cover it.

I was looking around and found this influx input collector: telegraf/ at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub

@ilyam8 any idea if we have some other collectors that maybe could cover modbus or if it would need to be a new custom collector request?

Just commenting to say that I arrived at this post via a Google search to enquire about the same.

Modbus is a pretty simple protocol on top of RS-485 (balanced multi-drop UART essentially) or over TCP and widely used for decades as a de-facto standard in industrial control, and more commonly seen in recent years in domestic and commercial settings on devices such as solar PV inverters, heat pumps, HVAC, power distribution, metering, UPS equipment etc. It’s simple and reliable.

Having a built in collector for it would be extremely useful as it extends netdata monitoring to critical equipment delivering the electrons to the hosts we are monitoring.

@ArrEssJay Or @freelab if possible can you make a feature request here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

(would do it for you but better coming from users themselves)

Will be useful to have there for users to vote on so the interest does not get sort of lost or buried in this thread.